Service Excellence is our primary goal.  in everything we offer we are proud of our record of great costumer service.  Aviation Dynamix LLC and Chopper Dynamix Inc. have many years experience in the worldwide pilot services business.  In addition to delivering both corporate jets and helicopters, we send professional pilots around the globe to assist in training crews and operate flight departments.

Ferry Pilots

Need a ferry pilot? Aviation Dynamix LLC has ferry pilots that can move any aircraft, anywhere and most of the time at short notice. We cater for clients needing a ferry pilot or ferry pilots to move their aircraft and helicopters worldwide.  Our

ferry pilots are current throughout a broad range of aircraft and maintain current simulator training on several types. These include large aircraft such as Boeing 717, 727, 737, 757, 767 and 777 as well as the McDonnel Douglas DC9, MD80, MD90 , Embraer and, Bombardier Regional Jets. Our corporate jet ferry pilots in addition cover the entire range of Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft and most of the Bombardier LearJet range of products. With extensive worldwide experience in operations, flight planning and aircraft management our professional pilots can move your asset anywhere in the world. In

addition to  their delivery expertise, many of our ferry pilots are instructor rated and qualified. Our trained mentor / instructor pilots can ferry your aircraft and then remain with the aircraft for both short and long term contracts ensuring that your crew is professionally trained and aircraft operated safely until your crew is 100% comfortable with their new equipment. Our ferry pilots maintain a current and up to date validation package for those aircraft operating on other than US registrations. We can submit these details to the country of registry and usually have very little issue with obtaining validations for the operation of non US – registered aircraft. In addition we have ferry crews available that are JAA / EASA, Chinese CAA, South African CAA and Isle of Man qualified and certified on various aircraft. These crews can also be made available at reasonably short notice depending on current scheduling.

Professional Ferry pilots, trained and ready to ensure you have an excellent aircraft or helicopter delivery experience.

We have many references attesting to the excellent aircraft delivery and delivery acceptance services provided by our company and would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you providing ferry crews or assisting with any of the other broad range of services we offer. Please continue to peruse our website and contact us with any queries you may have.

Supervised Operating Experience

When obtaining your first jet type rating in a simulator you may be issued with an S.O.E limitation on your license. Aviation Dynamix can supply professional mentor pilots to work with you for the required time to remove the Supervised Operating Experience Endorsement.

Together our mentor pilots have more than 60,000 hours total experience in multiple countries and aircraft. Our wide range of experienced crew members, all professionally trained, enable us to offer great service at competitive prices. Our crew flexibility enables us to ensure mentor pilots are available at reasonably short notice and our customer service experience has resulted in many very happy clients that continue to return for our professional services.

Delivery Acceptance Services

When your aircraft is finally ready for the long awaited delivery at the factory, we can send out a professional acceptance member of our staff that will assist you in the final delivery acceptance process. We assist with a very detailed walk around of the aircraft covering exterior and interior items followed by the final delivery test flight in which we establish whether all systems are 100% operational and to the factory standard. Once this has been accomplished we go through a complete debrief with the factory delivery team at which time we establish what needs to be accomplished to ensure the aircraft meets the standard, and an estimated time that the necessary repairs or touchup will be completed.

Having crews that are familiar with many different aircraft and helicopters gives us the broad experience advantage. We understand the delivery process and how the aircraft should perform during the delivery process. With multiple deliveries behind us, we have accumulated data to ensure that each time we accept a new aircraft we can fall back on past experience to ensure a smooth and enjoyable delivery process for the buy. Aircraft manufacturers have excellent representation during the delivery and we believe our clients should have similar representation on their behalf. Our company provides that, working with the manufacturers to ensure that you are happy with your aircraft.

Worldwide Pilot Services and Pilot Mentoring / Aircraft Ferry Services

Our pilots ferry aircraft and helicopters worldwide. Our extensively experienced crews are offered as contract pilots throughout the world. After the delivery of a new aircraft, many companies are still waiting for their pilots to complete  training. Our crews are available to fill that gap. In addition, should your crews require some real world experience on the aircraft after stepping out of simulator training, our experienced instructors can ensure that they are able to gain that experience in real world scenarios with actual aircraft experience.

Ferry services to any part of the world are also part of our expertise. We can deliver your aircraft as part of an all inclusive package where we take care of all the international requirements for the delivery of the aircraft ensuring that your aircraft makes it home safely. Our crews have extensive Atlantic and Pacific experience as well as having tremendous experience in the Middle and Far East. We can pick your aircraft up at the factory or service center and deliver it to you most places in the world.

Aviation Dynamix LLC specializes in services from start to finish. From the acceptance of your aircraft, to the training of your crews, to the safe delivery of your multimillion dollar asset. Our crews can train your crews and take care of all your delivery requirements.

Pilot Training Services

Aviation Dynamix LLC has been in the business of training professional pilots for many years. We offer extensive familiarity and advanced training packages on the entire Cessna range of jet aircraft including the C510, C525 series, C500 Series, C680. This training includes preparation training for type ratings, mentoring, supervised operating

experience, line oriented flight training and familiarization training. Most of our ferry pilots hold instructor licenses and can not only deliver your aircraft worldwide, but can offer additional instructor services once the aircraft arrives at your base.

In addition to aircraft familiarization, our instructors can assist with training on the Collins Proline 21, Honeywell Epic and Garmin 1000, G3000 and G5000 avionics packages.

Our instructors have excellent references and are all simulator trained and current in the aircraft they operate. Please contact us for more information and to see if we can assist you with any aircraft specific training.

With hanger facilities located in Wichita and Newton, Kansas, we are close to FlightSafety International and can offer hangerage

for your aircraft should you wish to train in the area.

Hanger and Aircraft Storage Services

Aviation Dynamix LLC has the ability to offer you aircraft storage services. Our aircraft storage services are

specifically designed to keep your aircraft in a flight ready condition. We can tailor make a package according to your specific aircraft’s storage recommendations. These packages include servicing of tires and nitrogen / oxygen systems as required. Starting and running of engines as required. Flight tests on a monthly basis as required. These actions

are put into place to ensure your aircraft is stored with the concept that it will be ready to go when you need it. Our crews in addition will move your aircraft for servicing if scheduled maintenance comes up. Basically services across the board to ensure your asset remains well taken care of during short term or extended storage periods.

Aircraft Management and Managed Aircraft Maintenance- Specializing in assistance to aircraft owners, owner pilots and new operators

Aviation Dynamix LLC will tailor make a program for you. Our small management program assists owner operators in keeping their aircraft maintenance programs up to date. Our staff will update yourCescom / C.A.M.P reports on a monthly or bi-weekly basis depending on utilization. Reports are then created and owners are kept up to date on when scheduled maintenance will be required and what maintenance they can expect in the next 90 and 180 days. Should

an owner not be in a position to move their aircraft to maintenance, we have crews available generally at short notice to ensure that and required maintenance is carried out. Our staff will even schedule your next visit with your preferred maintenance facility. We also handle larger aircraft management and maintenance. We have in house expertise that can handle a broad spectrum of work on the numerous aircraft types that we manage. Call us for details so that we can tailor a program to suite your requirements.

Aircraft Acquisition and pre-buy inspections
Buying an aircraft or helicopter…. Talk to us. We can locate the correct aircraft for you and assist through the entire acquisition process. Should you buy abroad, we have expert maintenance professionals and pilots that can not only inspect your purchase but assist in delivering your new asset to it’s final destination. Our maintenance personal have years of experience on multiple types including helicopters, corporate jets and the large multi-isle aircraft.